What’s New!

Dropbox Services

ICT has established an Enterprise Dropbox agreement. All NMSU employees should be utilizing this agreement and the discounted pricing available. Dropbox purchases will no longer be allowed on the PCard unless ICT is unable to accommodate. Written documentation from ICT and the PCard office will be required to proceed with Dropbox purchases on the PCard.  https://cia.nmsu.edu/dropbox/

Barnes & Noble, Sodexo Catering and Amazon Business – 2/10/2017

The Procurement Card (PCard) office is pleased to announce the following changes, effective immediately, to the PCard program:

  • Barnes and Noble – Purchases at Barnes and Noble or online through the Aggie Office Supplies website can now be made with the NMSU PCard. With this change, the purchase of equipment greater than $1,000 (less than $3,000) at Barnes and Noble will be allowed on the procurement card. The PCard office will work with the department to fulfill the tagging requirements for these equipment purchases.
  • Sodexo Catering – Catering services provided by Sodexo will now be charged to the NMSU PCard.  Upon placing your order with Sodexo you will need to provide a PCard number for billing purposes. This change will shorten the billing timeframe and allow employees the ability to allocate expenses through the Wells Fargo CCER reconciliation process.
  • Amazon Business – NMSU has established an Amazon Business account which will simplify the purchasing process to enable the university to take advantage of the wide selection and competitive prices of the Amazon marketplace. NMSU will have the advantage of free two-day shipping without having to pay for individual memberships. Current Amazon accounts will need to be converted to a new business account. Additional information on this process and a personal invitation will be provided to cardholders in the upcoming weeks.

Airgas and Argyle Pricing Agreements – 12/05/2016

Procurement Services has entered into pricing agreements with Airgas USA, LLC and Argyle Welding Supply Inc. Entering into these agreements will not only save NMSU money, they also allow employees to purchase (gas & rentals) from these vendors via the NMSU PCard.

You may now use the NMSU PCard to make gas & rental purchases from both Airgas USA, LLC and Argyle Welding Supply Inc.

Please take a moment to review the pricing agreements on the Procurement Services website – http://purchasing.nmsu.edu/pricing_agreements/. You may contact Procurement Services at purchasing@nmsu.edu or 575-646-2916 should you have any questions or concerns.

Pricing Agreements –

201501064-P (B) Argyle Welding Supply Inc. – Expiration Date 11/30/2019 (Gas & Rentals)

201601032-F (S) Argyle -Expiration Date 10/24/2020 (Warehouse Materials and Supplies)

201501064-P (A) Airgas USA, LLC – Expiration Date 11/30/2019 (Gas & Rentals)

Required Approver Training

The course covers roles and responsibilities, bank reconciliation procedures and more! The training is mandatory and may be taken online or face-to-face. Registration is available through Training Central.

Business Meals Off-Campus

Business Meals off campus, with a bona fide business purpose, are allowed on the PCard. Prior to making the purchase please check with your Business Manger for departmental restrictions

Cardholder On-line Training — Updated and Improved

Need or want refresher training on the responsibilities of a procurement cardholder or reconciler? Why not view our updated and improved cardholder on-line training available through Training Central. The course, titled Procurement Card Policies and Procedures for Cardholders, is located in the catalog under Administrative Systems & Processes, at the bottom of the list. Happy Training!

New Account Code – 03/15/2016

A new account code, NMGRT – Goods (760905), has been established to capture the tax paid with the PCard on exempt goods. These transactions should still be coded as Decline Sales Tax in the CCER system.  Select your departmental index and account code 760905 for processing. This account code should be monitored for receipt of the credits/reimbursements which offset the tax incurred.


Airfare has been added to the list of allowable PCard purchases  http://af.nmsu.edu/bpm/bpm-5c/#20