PCard Restrictions

4.00.45 Unallowable and Restricted Purchases

The following are examples of unallowable and restricted purchases on any University account. The list should not be considered all-inclusive but merely a guide for purchases that are not allowed.

  • Purchases of any product or service from a vendor that would violate an exclusive or semi-exclusive supply and price relationship established by Central Purchasing Office (http://purchasing.nmsu.edu/pricing_agreements/)
  • Retirement gifts – restricted to commemorative items with a maximum value of $100.00
  • Annual fees on credit cards
  • Donations
  • Holiday decorations
  • Alcoholic beverages (except for resale)
  • Tickets for athletic or entertainment events
  • Personal care products
  • Occasion cards, flowers, and gifts (condolence, birthdays, going away parties) for personal or business occasion/events
  • Compensation for personal service
  • Fines, Penalties
  • Items for personal gain or use

Some purchases may be allowed against a University fund but are not allowed to be purchased using a University Procurement Card (PCard), section 4.40.645. PCards allow expenditure of University funds prior to review and, are therefore, not appropriately used for all transactions. These purchases, if made with a PCard, may require refund from the vendor or reimbursement by the card holder and tracked as a misuse or decline violation.

4.40.645 PCard Restricted Purchases

  • Expenses associated with lobbying efforts, unless specifically approved for an individual cardholder
  • Travel-related expenses, other than airfare (example: hotel, car rental, gas, meals, train fare, bus fare, and internet connections).
  • Registration fees paid to another NMSU unit (example: Las Cruces Campus to Alamogordo Campus)
  • Cash advances
  • Employee awards directly related to employment (example: plaques, gift certificates).
  • Internal purchases to NMSU other than the approved food vendors
  • Multi-year service agreements or formal contracts
  • Rental and lease agreements for facilities or equipment (example: hotel or meeting rooms
  • Professional services with terms and conditions and/or agreement
  • Prepayments and deposits
  • Reimbursement for loss or damage to personal items
  • NM gross receipts taxes on goods
  • Agency fund purchases
  • Employee uniforms and clothing
  • Furniture or equipment equal to or greater than $1,000
  • Gasoline
  • Gift cards
  • Under no circumstances should a PCard be used for materials or services used in building, altering, repairing, installing, demolishing or similar work on buildings, facilities or structures

For university unallowable purchases refer to the BPM Section 4.00.45 Unallowable and Restricted Purchases.

Additional information can be located in NMSU Business Procedures Manual